Proximity Marketing is a marketing technique which utilizes location technologies to communicate directly with customers at the right place at the right time. They draw customer’s attention with the latest offers. There are various technologies that allow appropriate offers for each kind of customer. This is one of the most common ways that businesses track consumers. Proximity marketing isn’t one single technology; it can actually be implemented utilizing a number of different methods. Proximity marketing is also known as Hyper-Local marketing.

Once the proximity marketing plan is developed and implemented, it should be constantly monitored and adjusted. The digital and interactive nature of most proximity marketing campaigns provides the advantage of real-time data collection of response and success rates. If a message is failing to connect, it can be easily and quickly adjusted.

Proximity marketing is about reaching out to customers based on the accurate position and not a virtual geofence. This makes the communication more contextual and personalized. A deeper understanding of the local environment can also lead to improved marketing effectiveness.

Advantages of Proximity Marketing

Powered by Artificial Intellegents

The correct time and medium for the campaign are decided by powerful Artificial Intelligence.

Big Data Analysis

Your targeted audience are selected from Big Data Analysis.

High Returns for Your Money

Huge returns to your money as the audience for your campaign are most likely searching for your service/product.

Detailed Insights

Analysis of success matrix and all the details regarding your campaign made.

Ensured Audience Reach

Since your campaigns are delivery is managed by our AI-powered solution it is guaranteed at a time when the audience is most engaged.

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