LONG CODE is a virtual mobile number which is used by a company for generating leads or getting reviews from customers. The long code service is useful for various purposes. Through long code SMS service we can target anyone from anywhere.

A keyword is a unique identifier for your company in our shared Long code. e.g. if, your company name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABCL on our long code, then every message which starts with ABCL and a blank space will be forwarded to your panel. In short, we recognize the incoming messages on the basis of keywords and forward it to the respective companies account.

Long Code is used for lead generation by Bulk SMS, Online Ads, TV Channels and Print Media. It is widely used for mobile verification systems. It is very helpful for stock checking, stock updates, SMS subscription activations, Mobile ticketing, mobile opt-in database systems.

Advantages of Long Code

Low Cost, High ROI, Bulk SMS services
Low Cost

Establish reliable communication at very low cost.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports list all necessary information for complete transparency.

Unlimited keywords

For a single number, a customer can choose unlimited keywords.

2-Way Communication

Enables two-way messaging, allows your customers to reply to messages for an interactive, chat-like experience.

Got a project that you would like to discuss

We have the infrastructure, platform, integration APIs and self-service applications together with Short-Code, Long code etc which enables our services to make it happen in a jiffy.